Made it to Shanghai!

So after a night of partying to a world famous DJ in Calgary, no sleep, a 17 hour trip with one lay over in Van city- I arrived in Shanghai safe and sound.

My first thoughts were “is there something on my face?” As EVERYONE in the airport was staring at me relentlessly. I guess when you see billions of Asians all day everyday a handsome devil of a white guy is a refreshing change. My gf and her parents (who don’t speak a word of English) met me at the arrivals gate.

We drove to a mall in the district we are staying – Fengxian, and had a big meal paired with American red wine and Chinese cigarettes. It was quite tasty and enough to put me to sleep. We booked home and I promptly passed out.

I have been here for two full days and am getting to know the area a bit better. I’m looking forward to running around downtown and really getting immersed in the city.

Ill post pictures and more thoughts later on!

One love


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