Monthly Archives: June 2013

4 months down

Its been 4 months now living in fengxian. My visa expires on July 2nd, but im going to try and fly to Hong Kong and apply for another visa- 6 months this time. For the past month i have only been into the core for gigs (played 5 last month) and a little bit of shopping. I like where Im living as far as the building and the staff goes, but its pretty tough not being able to call somebody up to go find a pub somewhere or drink a coffee or whatever. I bought a bmx and have been tearing around all over looking for sweet jumps and just trying to stay active- grabbed a gym membership too at the olympic training center out here. I can say very few things in chinese, basically “hello, cold beer, thanks”… I picked up three big language books but i dont know that im going to get the language without a regimented study schedule. That kind of sucks as id like to be able to speak with Jo’s family and just hold a conversation with people who try and talk to me when im out walking the puppy and stuff.

I really miss western food. That is everything from lebanese cuisine, italian food, smoked and cured meats, seafood thats not FULL of bones, a REAL pizza, a REAL steak with mushrooms and onions and hot sauce, oven subs, BBQ – that sort of stuff. That being said I do eat pretty well here though, but I just miss those things. Even the mcdonalds in my building is nothing like a mcdonalds in the west. I have been eating a lot of huanan and sichuan food from this little hole in the wall by my house thats crazy spicy which i love.

Theres certainly things that infuriate me every time i leave the house- the spitting and cigs being thrown everywhere, the people staring at me non stop everyday, where ever i go whatever im doing, the **** TERRIBLE drivers that are absolutely oblivious to whats going on around them ( that one sends me into a wild rage almost daily- If i were back home id have pulled the bat from my trunk and smashed windows out of cars for people driving that way), and the lack of regular social behaviours like waiting in a line or waiting for people to exit the elevators before you try and barge in ( i have learned to put my head down and charge the door at my building every time i get off now, after having found a little joy in knocking over inconsiderate people. they few I have ran into HAVE LEARNED!!! )

Since im a little far from the center where all the friends I have made live, I have been home a lot and have been doing a lot of work on 2 business plans, and have been working on a new Booking agency to represent and promote north american performers here in the Asian market. I have some well known internationally touring artists that I will be working with on that project which seems to have the most steam at the moment. i have also built a home studio for music production and graphic design, the problem is not drinking beers all the time and working on tunes, its sort of counter-productive. I have also been reading a lot of books, mostly in the sci fi vein and staying on top of game of thrones.

If you want to see some of the photos I have taken here (probably about 200 thus far) please check out my instagram page!