Monthly Archives: May 2013

Its May!

WOW, I cannot believe how fast time is going. It seems like just a few weeks ago I packed up my life in Calgary and boarded a plane with a one way ticket to the other side of the world. It has been pretty eye opening so far and I have barely scratched the surface of this crazy culture. May has brought me some good fortune on the DJ front and I have made some awesome friends here. I was booked every weekend so far and coming up before months end I am doing an event for Glenfiddich at a club called Skybar. If this gig goes well I will have the opportunity to travel through out Asia with them doing events over the course of the summer. I had planned to  do some travelling on my own with Jo on the new Maglev train, but the weather hasent been consistently sunny yet- to be expected in Spring I suppose. All in all the weather has been warm though even if its raining, which is nice after a Canadian winter.

I have also accepted a request to come on board as a resident Dj at a very cool rooftop club on Shanghais waterfront called Zeal ( ). I will be doing the second Friday of every month as my own house music focused event and the last Saturday every month i will be hosting hip hop acts from around the world. Really excited about the opportunity here and looking forward to exposing the city to some of the amazing artists and performers I know from home.

I have recently extended my visa for another two months as I try to get a work visa secured to stay indefinitely. Other then that not to much is new, just spending my days networking online and working on a few business plans, walking the dog and doing a lot of reading. Hopefully ill be able to really dig in to the home studio project by then end of the month when a friends of mine here moves back to the USA and sells me all his equipment. I miss all my friends back home tons, you guys are the best!

One Love.

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